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This account may, never be used again.

2013-07-20 01:39:54 by TheLightning

I can't lie, I suck with flash and I'm not a pro at it. The few who actually liked my stuff I appreciate it. If I ever improve I would love to make more videos that are kinda, satisfying here on my channel or perhaps a new channel. But at the moment I suck and it's the truth. I know I can be better with more practice, but for anybody who is actually reading this or cares, I won't be back on newgrounds for a quite a while. To people who have supported or helped me, thank you. I may not be a pro flasher but I also really love to draw and if anyone would still like to support or help me I have a deviantArt that you can check out and see, the account is AnimeFreak936.

This account may, never be used again.


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